Satellite Provision

We are extremely privileged to have a satellite provision based at two mainstream schools; Palace Wood in Allington and The Holmesdale School in Snodland.

What is satellite provision?

In very simple terms, we ‘rent’ accommodation at another educational site.  The pupils and staff within the satellite are Five Acre Wood pupils and Five Acre Wood staff.

  • The curriculum offer aligns with the learning approaches
  • Staff receive the same training as any other member of staff at Five Acre Wood and have the same development opportunities
  • Pupils have Five Acre Wood named in their EHCP and enjoy the same opportunities as others within the school
  • As a whole school or key stage, all Five Acre Wood pupils join together for special seasonal events e.g. nativity, productions
  • Transport is still available, within KCC stipulations

So why have satellite provision?

Fundamentally, it means that we can admit more children to the school and therefore enable more children to receive the Five Acre Wood offer.

Who attends the satellite provision?

  • All pupils have to have an EHCP and have Five Acre Wood School as the named provision
  • The majority of pupils are in the Formal or Functional Learning Approaches
  • Pupils aged between 5 and 19
  • Pupils who are identified as being ready to access the additional benefits of being located near mainstream peers

Palace Wood Site

We have the capacity for 2 classes with KS1 and 2 pupils to be based at Palace Wood.  Both classes are within the Formal Learning Approach.  The pupils have enhanced social learning opportunities with their mainstream peers through assemblies, lunch times and play times.

Snodland Site

We are based in the Wolfe Building between The Holmesdale School and St Katherine’s Primary School in Snodland.  The pupils attending this provision are secondary aged.   All of our formal secondary aged pupils will attend this provision and some of our functional approach pupils.  The pupils have the opportunity to access some of the mainstream facilities.  This provision is also conveniently located to many of the local amenities which pupils access to develop their functional skills.

Snodland site contact phone number: 01634 566890

Oxford Road Site

We are based in part of the building on Oxford Road, Shepway. The pupils attending this provision are in our functional learning approach. This facility is located near local amenities and is also near the Loose site.

Oxford Road site contact phone number: 01622 392205