Early Years SEND Offer

EY SEND Offer 2022 – 2023

Early Years LIFT Dates

Early Years LIFT Dates 2023 / 2024

Early Years LIFT

For all documentation linked to the Early Years LIFT Process please follow the link below to KELSI.

Referrals will not be accepted if there is no parental consent.

EY LIFT Information

EY Surgeries

If you would like a discussion with one of the EY teams to discuss a case you are unsure whether to refer to LIFT or a general question, please contact Tracey Bradley to book a slot on one of the following dates:

2nd July (Afternoon)

8th July (Morning)

Early Years SENCo Forums & Workshops 2023 – 2024

EY SENCo Forums 2023- 2024

EY Workshops 2023 – 2024

Early Years Training

For further details on all Early Years Training please visit the training section on the STLS/Outreach tab. All available training will be on our Double District Training Schedule.

SENIF (SEN Inclusion Funding)

For all documents linked to the SENIF Process please follow the link below to KELSI.

SENIF Information

Please email your SENIF requests & documents securely to SENIF@kent.gov.uk please ensure you send an additional copy to Hannah Ring

If you are unable to securely email the documents please send them using recorded delivery to: County SEN Inclusion Funding Officer, Kroner House, Eurogate Business Park, Ashford  TN24 8XU.


Children’s Therapists – The Pod – Main Website – Select which Therapy service you require

Examples of Information Available – Speech & Language

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) – including Communication Boards

Early Years Language and Communication

Examples of Information Available – Occupational Therapy

Sensory Processing and Strategies



Anticipation Games

Attention and engagement activities based on the four stages of Attention Autism (Gina Davies)

Attention Autism Approaches – Bucket Time Activities

Barrier Games

Kent SEND- EHCP Decisions Notice of Change May 2023

Establishing Joint Attention

Fine Motor Skill Activities

Following an Adult’s Agenda using Now & Next Approach

Helping your child sleep

Inspire My Curiosity

Making Sense of Sensory Behaviour

Objects of Reference (NHS)

People Games-Parent Handout

Prompt sheet for Transition Meetings

Sabotaging Play

Sensory Play at Home, Preschool and Nursery

Transitional Songs

RELUCTANT SPEAKERS (Information from other NHS authorities)


Encouraging Confident Communication

Reluctant Talker


Shoebox Activities for Nurseries & Preschools – with ideas

Shoebox Activities in the Classroom – with ideas

Shoe-box Activities – Idea – Animal Matching Game

Shoe-box Activities – Idea – Vehicle Matching Game

Shoe-box Activities – Idea – Sorting Shapes – Big Medium & Small

Shoe-box Activities – Idea – Sorting – 2 or 4 Legs

Shoe-box Activities – Idea – Colour Sorting

VISUAL SUPPORTS – Please view the following in numerical order

FLOWCHART – Guidance for breaking down ‘Visual Timetable for ALL Children’ into manageable steps

Visual Supports – Printable Example – Visual Timetable for ALL Children

Visual Supports – Printable Example – Sink timeline

Visual Supports – 1 Using Real Objects of Reference – updated

Visual Supports – 2 Using Real Objects to Make Choices – updated

Visual Supports – 3 Using Real Objects to support ‘Now & Next’ – updated

Visual Supports – 4 Using Photos of Real Objects – updated

Visual Supports – 5 Using Photos to Make Choices – updated

Visual Supports – 6 Use Photos to Make Requests – updated

Visual Supports – 7 Using Photos to Support ‘Now & Next’ – updated

Visual Supports – 8 Personal Visual Timetables – updated

Visual Supports – 9 Simplifyng a Personal Visual Timetable using ‘Now & Next’

Visual Supports – Communication Prompt Card

Visual Supports – Making Choices at Song Time

Visual Supports – Transition to a New Room – including example Booklet

Visual Supports – Emotions Keyring or Lanyard

On-Line Guidance Videos 

(If needed: please right click and select open link in new tab)

Gaining Information and Setting in – When children are about to start Pre-school / Nursery

Guidance for use of Visual Supports – EY Workshop

Guide to Planning at a Personalised Level – EY Workshop

Updated Personalised Plan Support

Guidance for Completing an Appendix 2

Is it EAL and/or SEN – EY Workshop

Planning for Development Stages rather than Chronological Ages

Nurture UK Principles – to Support Attention & Engagement

Childminders SEND Flowchart

Childminders SEND flow chart

Disability Access Fund (DAF)

For further information on the Disability Access Fund please follow the link below to KELSI.

DAF Information

Equality & Inclusion

To access information around the Equality & Inclusion Team please follow the link below:


Specialist Nursery Intervention

Please follow the link below for further information for Early Years Settings & Parents.

Specialist Nursery Intervention – Information for families and settings

Speech & Language

To access information around the Speech & Language Therapy Service please follow the link below: