Five Acre Wood School is committed to a team approach in meeting all our learners’ needs.

Senior Leadership Team


Name Position Approach
Peggy Murphy Principal All
Kirstie Hemingway Headteacher – Satellites All
Tim Williams Headteacher – Boughton Lane All
Emma Athwal Deputy Headteacher Practical/Sensory
Sarah Costain Deputy Headteacher Early Years/Structured
Janine Hercock Deputy Headteacher Formal/Functional
Leanne Bowden Assistant Headteacher Curriculum and Assessment
Jaime Cronk Assistant Headteacher Functional
Sam Hazle Assistant Headteacher Structured
Matt Jones Assistant Headteacher Grow 19
Demi Lockett Assistant Headteacher Early Years
Karen Robinson-Jones Assistant Headteacher Formal
Emma Russell Assistant Headteacher Sensory
Matt Smith Assistant Headteacher Practical
Sally Moor Strategic Business Lead All
Learning Approach Leads
Name Approach
Gemma Byrne Multi-Disciplinary Team
Duncan Fryer Formal Secondary
Jacque Griffin-Garcia Sensory
Charlotte King Practical
Karen Lacey Formal Primary
Jo O’Connor Structured
Nicole Pepper Structured
Paula Russell Early Years
Laura Thorogood Functional