Snowy, Sandy, Poppy, Harley and Barney

Snowy – Snowy is a Cavapoo and was born on the 25th December 2018. Snowy L-O-V-E-S food and enjoys playing with toys. He also likes being stroked on his side and running along the corridors!

Sandy – Sandy is a Labradoodle and was born on the 7th January 2019. Sandy loves to play chase with her new best friend Snowy and enjoys tummy tickles. She also likes being told she is a ‘good girl’ when she sits for a treat and is motivated by snacks!

Poppy – Poppy is a miniature Labradoodle and was born 25th May 2019. Poppy loves any kind of affection and walking down the corridor can take along time as she loves all of the attention of students and staff. She also loves playtime with her friend Millie, the other therapy dog at the Snodland site.

Harley – Harley is a Yellow Labrador Retriever.  He was born on 11th June 2023. He is very friendly, calm and is always wagging his tail when he meets new people. Harley will be based with the Multi-Disciplinary Team and will be trained to aid the team’s therapy sessions.

Barney – Barney is a Schnoodle.  He was born on 16th June 2023.  He has settled in well at the Loose site and enjoys being with his friends.  He enjoys exploring, learning tricks and sleeping lots!