Schools financial benchmarking service

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Pupil Premium

The Department for Education provides additional funding, known as Pupil Premium, to support the progress and attainment of specific groups of pupils aged between 5 and 16 years. These groups may be disadvantaged by virtue of their family circumstances.

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For details of our Pupil Premium Strategy, please click here.

Sport Premium

Sport Premium is a government funded payment aimed at improving and increasing the provision of Primary PE in schools across the country. The amount of money paid is based on the number of primary aged pupils in the school and it is ring-fenced, meaning it has to be spent solely on PE.

At Five Acre Wood School, we have utilised this funding and made physical activity a hugely important part of school life. We have offered pupils many opportunities to get involved in physical activity, sport and develop healthy life styles, both during and beyond school hours.

The funding has, for example, helped to fund an experienced team of extra-curricular staff, who deliver and support our pupils engage in high quality out of hours learning through a varied extra- curricular programme. This includes developing physical skills and knowledge of healthy eating, fitness, sports and games. Our PMLD pupils have had the opportunity to participate in Rebound Therapy, with many earning badges as well as experiencing the physical benefits of this trampoline based activity.

The funding has also been used for specialist coaching and to purchase resources that have further enhanced the delivery of sports and Physical Education at Five Acre Wood School.

For details of our Sports Premium Action Plan, please click here.

Salary Information

Employee Salary Information (earning over 100k per annum)

Maintained schools are required to publish salary information on any employee earning over £1000,000.00 per annum.

All teaching staff in the school are paid in accordance with the School Teacher Pay and Conditions Document (STPD).  Salary levels are determined and reviewed by the Pay Committee of the Governing Body.

Employees with a gross annual salary of over £100,000 per annum is= 1