Last boat not least; another FAW-inspiring idea

Instead of providing our new School Counsellor Jagdip with a regular office, it seems to be becoming customary to think outside the box and provide FAW-inspiring spaces for our pupils and staff. So, where better to create a safe and confidential counselling space than in a lifeboat, known for their sturdiness and duty of looking out for people’s wellbeing.

During the April half-term, a freefall lifeboat was craned onto the Loose school site by Ainscough cranes, with guidance from JEM construction. The lifeboat was previously used by offshore rigs in the North Sea as an evacuation pod for workers in the oil and gas industry and having done over 300 nautical miles, it was ready to anchor down.

The vessel will be named the FAWtilus and has been placed in a half sunken position in the ground and will be encircled with a blue surface material to represent the sea, and a golden area to symbolise a beach. It will also have port holes and sky lights fitted to create more light in this deceptively vast space which has been designed to hold 45 people.

Our latest innovative projects, including the FAWrient Express train café, our soft play bus and, our latest addition that arrived alongside the FAWtilus; our 7FAW7 library, will benefit different cohorts, across and within all our sites and we cannot wait to open these up to our pupils and staff very soon.