Five Acre Woody re-ewe-nited with the flock ready for the Heart of Kent Art Trail

Our Five Acre Woody (aka Little Shaun), that will be part of the Shaun in the Heart of Kent art trail, has been shepherded around Kent to the printers, had his makeover and been re-ewe-nited with fellow ‘Shaun’s’ ready to be put on display in the summer. The free art trail, which is the second one brought to Maidstone by the Heart of Kent Hospice, will see up to 50 large Shaun the Sheep sculptures placed around the parks, town centre and river walks accompanied by little Shauns, like ours, decorated by local schools and community groups.

Heart of Kent Hospice provides free, specialist care and support for adults living with a terminal illness and their loved ones, so they can have the best quality of life, for as long as they live. To support our fundraising for the Heart of Kent Hospice, we will be holding a fundraising day in school on Friday 19th April, where pupils will have the opportunity to come in non-uniform and take part in some baaa-rilliant activities throughout the day.

The children have already been introduced to Five Acre Woody while he spent some time grazing at school, had the chance to visit him and were given the opportunity to create a picture of one of our yard animals to become part of the final design. Our little sheep hung out in the yard whilst being painted by our OLE team and prepared for the printers, and a designer used the children’s designs to produce a template for the vinyl wrap company. The final touches were added at the printers where he was wrapped up and varnished to make him look b-ewe-tiful.

H-ewe-ge thanks must go to Graphic Designer, Kieran Diver, the team at Identity Wraps, and of course our staff and pupils who have all played a part in creating a lovely design that we are looking forward to unveiling. ‘Lamb’entably, we can only give you a sneak peek at our design until the trail begins on June 29th when we can all flock to see him in his new pasture!